Cook The Perfect Steak To Celebrate Steak And BJ Day

Cook The Perfect Steak To Celebrate Steak And BJ Day

This may well be news to you, but March 14 has been deemed Steak & BJ Day. The idea is that one month on from Valentine’s Day, there needs to be a less frilly, more masculine event. If you like the sound of that idea, we’ve collected together some of our best steak-cooking hints.

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This is an updated version of an earlier post, with additional steak goodness.

As for the BJ? That’s so up to you, but you could check out our guide to persistent sex myths you shouldn’t believe.

Steak & BJ Day


  • Um, it’s not just guys that want that. Maybe it should be called Meat & Head day, or Food & Sex Day? These things are pretty universal.

  • It’s news to me. For many, many years now, my gf has been using this as the rebellious anti-authoritarian label for Valentines Day.

    Either someone caught on too late, or the hip and trendy Internet kids have decided they like the day name and concept, but would prefer to label Valentines Day as ‘Singles Awareness Day’ or something. Or just that no-one could tell they were being smarmy about it if they celebrated Steak & BJ day on Feb14th because of Poe’s Law.
    Who knows.

  • valentines day is buy your girlfriend presents day, dont believe me, then next year dont buy her anything

  • Serious Eat’s article is all you need to know:
    You can poke your steak, flip it often, straight from the fridge. So many steak myths are out there.

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