Cook The Perfect Steak On Steak And BJ Day

This may well be news to you, but March 14 has been deemed Steak & BJ Day. The idea is that one month on from Valentine's Day, there needs to be a less frilly, more masculine event. If you like the sound of that idea, we've collected together some of our best steak-cooking hints.

Picture by The Javelina

As for the BJ? That's so up to you.

Steak & BJ Day


    Keeping it classy Angus?

    Stuff the steak, I'll go straight to the BJ...

    I believe the Japanese have already shotgunned that date for White Day, and Pi day has dibs after that

    Actually, according to the source article it has less to do with the need of a "less frilly/more masculine" day and more to do with the need for "attention for men".

    If you don't get mutual love from your significant other on Valentine's Day, don't bother trying to invent a special day for yourself. Get yourself someone better.

    I was the one that got chocolates on VD

      I'd want chocolates too if I had venereal disease!

      Ooooh, you got VD???

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