Airtasker Offering Public Liability Insurance For Its Workers

Find-a-person-to-do-anything service Airtasker is handy for everything from finding IT help to having Lord Of The Fries delivered to your office. In a useful boost, Airtasker is now providing a basic insurance policy for its workers which covers them for public liability.

In practice, that means that if someone causes damage to your property while completing a task, the insurance policy should cover it. There are a number of specific exclusions (childcare and builders amongst them, though basic handyman tasks are covered). There's no charge to workers for the insurance, though if they do need to make a claim, an excess will be payable.



    This seems a lot like it will eventually be the downfall. I wonder how many claims they can cover, considering they have essentially no entry critera for their "employees", before they go belly up.

      Yep, not to mention huge window for fraud. My guess there are restrictive limits on max payouts.

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