Airtasker Lets You Outsource Your Entire Life

Airtasker Lets You Outsource Your Entire Life

Got a small task you need completed — let’s say assembling an IKEA bookshelf or cleaning your disgusting oven — and don’t have the time to do it yourself? Airtasker lets you advertise to find a local who might be willing to do the job for a small fee.

To use Airtasker, you simply post on the site, listing what you want done and what you’re willing to pay. Runners (the site’s term for people willing to volunteer for jobs) can then agree to perform the task, or haggle over the price.

Listing a task is free. Runners pay a $2 charge plus five per cent of the total fee. (During launch phrase, Runners can sign up for nothing if they promote the site via Twitter or Facebook.)

The most obvious competitor for this kind of casual labour search online is Craigslist, but that service has much less traction in Australia than the US. It also doesn’t include a payments or review platform.

The service is Sydney-only right now, but will be expanding into other capital cities in the coming weeks. There will also be an iPhone app shortly, with a mobile-optimised site and Android app to follow.

What small tasks would you use a service like this for? Share your ideas in the comments. (I’m very tempted to get some of my favourite takeout delivered to the office.)



  • It is an interesting idea but i think it will be ripe for abuse from both parties. Not to mention sub standard labour and a lack of due diligence. FOr example, Jono’s cabling whilst im sre the cabler may do a good job they wuld technicaly still need to be a licensed cabler.

  • Is it legal ? Surely it classifies as a casual employment? Which would be min $22 an hour in Aus. Looks like it meets the ATO definition of employment – any thoughts from a professional that would know?

  • I have read this $2 + 5% in a few sites, yet I have bid, well went to bid only to see over 10%, and some of these people are already trying for 3rd world prices within there posts. And AirTaker wants you to pay via credit card their cut. So possible interest on top.
    I had a few slow days, so thought i would look at this, for unusual work, fine. But for labour, they ask for to much of a cut, and you get what you pay for i guess. This in my opinion is a good place for international students looking for illegal income. By the way, paypal is still considered as income, and wants a fee to withdraw if under a certain amount, i think $165 Aus from memory.
    So no wander why they took out a 20 million dollar insurance to cover their ass. I am expecting them to either sell it off in a few years or claim bankruptcy due to insurance claims. But with healthy profits till then…..
    And to add, read a few poor people that did not get paid for their services, and all AirTaker did was waive their fee, considering how easy it is to set up an account, this is an easy way to con people to work for free, and then open a new account. How easy is it to open a new email account. A class action should do it, if enough of these workers are willing to band together or even make a noise.
    To end, you want cheap labour, or rip a few people off…. That is how to do it.
    And one popular request that seems to pop up, likes for facebook and such,, Dodgy,,,Lawful?

  • Hello Angus, since you published your article airtasker has come a long way and now they are charging a 15% fee – the fee comes out of the payment of the person who carries the task – which is extremely unfair, given there are a lot of people who are actually looking for slave labour and offers are ridiculously low, so in a way airtasker is creating a slave labour market in Australia – many of the taskers are on student visas , working holiday visas and other kinds of visa, and of course us, the rest of the people, who are trying to make ends meet paying our bills.. so maybe we need another site to help people in a fairer way than greedy airtasker…

    So, is it hard to create a site similar to airtasker? what steps should be taken and would you know what would be the approximate expenditure in creating one? we need another more honest site that is not going to harm our labour market –

    • Hi Angus, yes it’s true, airtasker slice in all this is now %15, and if you reverse the charges back onto the poster it works out to be around 18% . so in order to get a fair pay rates for your work as you increase the offer the airtasker’s benefit increases too.

      It’s not that easy to get jobs on airtasker unless you sell yourself cheap, and by cheap I mean slave labour pay rates. Sadly some of the jobs I’ve done have been for many wealthy people. I am surprised how airtasker can get away with it, and it’s a shame that many national tv programs are getting paid to promote airtasker and it’s cheap labour activities.

      Many may say it’s a choice, but when people out there are desperate to make ends meet then they are forced to accept becoming slaves, and airtasker rules and conditions are set in a way that members can’t really openly argue rates, everything is hidden, and when they openly make complaint, or question the rates they get banned or get suspended. That’s how airtasker is getting away with expanding their labour market slavery, and earning money out of slavery market they have created. which goes against all the hard work of many who fought for decades and centuries to abolish slavery.

  • The last 80 years of society’s progress were an abberation. We have drunk the cool-aid and embrace our choice to engage in flexible work arrangements that take us back to feudalism.

    Lifehacker – why don’t you put your entire website content development and system delivery on airtasker? Great overheads to be saved!

  • I just joined to earn some cash, but I noticed all the jobs go to professionals who are already working. I think a few commenters have already mentioned how unfair this is. I actually want to post a task, and specify people without any ratings, or who actually need a job, cos it’s all a load of bullocks.
    Somebody seriously needs to make a similar app, without the fees, to ramp up the competition. If you’re savvy with coding, it wouldn’t be too hard. Just have ads in the app to pay for it.
    Or outsource it on AT
    Failing that, everyone defaults to Gumtree and actual cash.

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