Airtasker Lets You Outsource Your Entire Life

Got a small task you need completed — let’s say assembling an IKEA bookshelf or cleaning your disgusting oven — and don’t have the time to do it yourself? Airtasker lets you advertise to find a local who might be willing to do the job for a small fee.

To use Airtasker, you simply post on the site, listing what you want done and what you’re willing to pay. Runners (the site’s term for people willing to volunteer for jobs) can then agree to perform the task, or haggle over the price.

Listing a task is free. Runners pay a $2 charge plus five per cent of the total fee. (During launch phrase, Runners can sign up for nothing if they promote the site via Twitter or Facebook.)

The most obvious competitor for this kind of casual labour search online is Craigslist, but that service has much less traction in Australia than the US. It also doesn’t include a payments or review platform.

The service is Sydney-only right now, but will be expanding into other capital cities in the coming weeks. There will also be an iPhone app shortly, with a mobile-optimised site and Android app to follow.

What small tasks would you use a service like this for? Share your ideas in the comments. (I’m very tempted to get some of my favourite takeout delivered to the office.)



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