Airtasker Expands To Brisbane, Melbourne

Airtasker Expands To Brisbane, Melbourne

Airtasker, the crowdsourcing service we’ve featured before, has expanded its coverage to Brisbane and Melbourne and rolled out its iPhone app.

According to Airtasker, more than 12,000 Australians have signed up since launch, and the service has seen more than $100,000 in transactions. Expanding beyond Sydney (the Melbourne option has been around for a few weeks) certainly positions it well to expand further (Perth is due to be added this month as well). If you’ve given it a try (either as a ‘runner’ or a hirer), tell us about it in the comments.



  • Warning: If you get assigned as a runner, it’s your responsibility to complete the task and get paid. Airtasker will charge you no matter if you complete the task or not.

    They also don’t have any functionality for deleting tasks or retracting bids. So use it with care! Private messaging is only available once someone is assigned a task so you can’t privately message other users. The entire thing is public. So be careful what you put up!

    • There is also a website called HopRunners that is working in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. They don’t charge anything from the runners. It’s the person who posted the task that pay s for it. Once the runner is assigned to the task, he can be sure that he will be paid. The good thing of HopRunners is that not anyone can become a task runner. They have to go through an ID check and an interview. I’m quite excited with this new business model that is starting here in Australia.

  • Thanks for the comment Beef!

    It’s definitely right that if a Runner bids for a task, it is their responsibility to make sure that the task gets completed. We are finding that this helps to build up a high quality marketplace where the bids are a firm commitment to completing the task. At the moment, Runners can still “Pay with Facebook” or “Pay with a Tweet” which helps us spread the word about Airtasker and gives Runners a chance to try us and bid/complete tasks without a credit card.

    We’ve also now built functionality to edit (or cancel) tasks and are working on our conversation platform to make it even easier to communicate with other users.

    Please comment if you’ve got any questions about using Airtasker.

    Disclosure: I work as a community manager at Airtasker.

  • How exactly does this work?
    I’ve browsed through some of these jobs and am truly bewildered by some of the things I’ve seen.
    $20 to deliver something across the city…. There’s post for that.
    $300 to do someone else’s “in classroom” assessment… I don’t even know where to start with this one.
    Find someone else a job? So do I show them and get paid? Or do I magically have to go to the interview in their place and pretend I’m someone else?
    $20 to fill out a mail redirect form…. So you’re going to give someone your old address, and your new one and the form then pay them to fill it out? If you’re going to write your address down why not just write it on the form? It blows my mind.

    I get the $20 to walk the dog or mow the lawn. That makes perfect sense. But the majority of the things on there are beyond comprehension …

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