Would You Carry Out Casual IT Support Tasks For Money?

Would You Carry Out Casual IT Support Tasks For Money?

Australian find-a person-to-do-anything-service Airtasker says that IT-related tasks are amongst the most popular requests from its workforce. Would you be happy to enhance your career or supplement your income by helping strangers set up their web server?

In an announcement of a new strategic alliance with job search site CareerOne, Airtasker revealed that “website & blog assistance” and “IT support” are two of its most active requests. A typical task pays between $70 and $90 and can be completed in less than a day, the company says.

We know from other data that a basic IT support role as a contractor pays just under $40 an hour. As such, those tasks only make sense economically if you can complete them quickly. That said, some money is better than no money, and building up an Airtasker profile might be one way to promote yourself for a full-time job.

Would you be tempted to bid on Airtasker tasks? Tell us in the comments.


  • 70 to 90 dollars in less than a day? Wow that’s only less than minimum wage! Where do I sign up?!?

    • That’s usually the going rate per hour for call out IT support mobs. So fuck that.

      • Seems unlikely. I know many people who are still consulting who routinely bill $150 an hour.

        $50-90 is more like.. “Pleez halp meh fix virUz” money… Where they email you their credit card details, even though you never asked them to.

        My point was more to do with the marketing anyway.. Even a quick glance at their site reveals many tasks potentially more lucrative than this.. “Come to our site, you er.. Might make some small amounts of money” – said no effective marketer ever.

        • Eh really? The ones around where I am are as “cheap” as 55 an hour for a call out. But yeah I see your point.

  • I rarely see an IT support task go for above $50 on Airtasker. There are few of them around, and the ones that are get flooded by people offering stupidly low amounts to do it. The website development ones are the biggest joke. I saw one the other day that “Wanted a website with the same functionality as instagram” for $200 :\

    Airtasker is extremely useless at the moment with what’s offered.

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