Organise A Deep Freezer With Reusable Bags

Organise a Chest Freezer with Reusable Bags

Deep freezers are wonderful for stocking up on food, but it's all too easy for packages to get buried, lost in the freezer's frozen underbelly. Reusable shopping bags make it easier to see, sort and pull out the foods you're storing.

The photo above, from clutter-adverse Organizing Junkie, says it all. You could simply use plastic baskets or other containers to organise your freezer, but the depth of the shopping bags seem to fit perfectly for deep freezers.

Hit up the link below for more freezer storage tips.

Quick Tips for Organising the Deep Freezer [Organising Junkie]


    This is an idea which does not suck. I hate having to go digging through the freezer.

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