Delay GIF Playback Until The Entire Animation Has Finished Downloading

Despite the strides taken with internet media, the ancient Graphics Interchange Format remains popular for presenting animated images, even with its 256-colour limitation and sub-optimal compression. GIF also does not support "buffering", so when you do view one, it often has stuttered playback or starts in the middle of the loop. Fortunately, Firefox and Chrome users don't have to put up with this.

Both browsers have an extension available to them called "Gif Delayer", which can be downloaded from either the Chrome Web Store or Mozilla's Add-on directory. Its purpose is simple — it prevents GIFs from playing until they've finished loading, saving you from having to wait for the animation to loop again or putting up with jerky frames.

It's not exactly like watching an FLV or SWF with playback controls, but it does solve the most frustrating aspects of viewing GIFs.

Gif Delayer [Firefox and Chrome, via Reddit]


    My workaround is to change tabs until you think it's ready. The gif won't start until you flick back to the tab. This plugin would suit RES though, as shown.

    The link at the end which says 'Chrome' actually takes you to the Firefox extensions website.

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