Paused! Stops Animated GIFs In Their Tracks

Chrome: Animated GIFs are cool, but they can get annoying on pages when you're trying to concentrate on the text. Paused! is a Chrome extension that stops animations after the first run and lets you restart them with a click.Paused! isn't perfect though. The animation doesn't stop until the page is completely loaded, and when you restart the animation it sometimes won't let you stop it again until you reload the page. Still, if an animated GIF in an article is annoying you, it's a great way to keep them from constantly grabbing your attention.

Paused! [Chrome Web Store]


    I remember back in the day pressing the stop button in Netscape Communicator would do that (though you couldn't resume it without reloading the page).

      It was the same in Firefox I think. I don't get why they don't have this feature anymore. Some animated gifs make me so pissed off.

    Like the annoying banner ads on Gawker sits? GREAT IDEA!

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