Scrabble Boards And Basketballs: Inside The Offices Of Lambert, Edwards & Associates

We've featured quite a few offices over the years but none of them has ever had a giant Scrabble board as a centrepiece. Today we take a peek inside the laid back offices of PR firm Lambert, Edwards & Associates.

The offices sport a huge Scrabble board — we can only hope that bench in the background has a huge set of Scrabble tiles stashed in it — a basketball hoop with a ball-return net, soothing styling throughout and a swanky conference room with a spaceship-vibe. Check out a few pics in the gallery below or hit up the link to view the full set and interview at The Office Stylist.

Lambert, Edwards & Associates [The Office Stylist]


    Instead of buying the basketball hoop and scrabble board, they should have purchased a desk for that printer. Having to bend over to pick up documents off the printer looks like an OH&S risk to me! Sounds to me like a senior manager at that firm needs to get their priorities straight

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