Buddhify 2 Teaches You How To Meditate, Even If You’re Busy

iOS: Buddhify, the previously mentioned meditation app that helps you learn to meditate and be mindful, just unveiled a new version that offers more guided meditations for different situations, a timer for unguided meditation, and tips to stay mindful through the day.

The new version includes numerous guided meditations that you can play in your headphones and follow along with anywhere. The guided meditations help you calm down and ground yourself, whatever you’re doing. If you prefer unguided meditation, you can use Buddhify’s built-in timer. The app will keep track of your habits and show you stats based on the amount of time you meditate and the types of meditation you use. The video above gives an overview of how the app works.

Unfortunately the new version is only available for iOS right now, but with luck Android should be on the way soon (the old version of the app is still available for Android. The new version is available now in the iTunes App Store.

Buddhify 2 ($1.99) [iTunes App Store via Buddhify]


  • As a point to note: the “new version” is considered v1.0. There is no longer any other version of this app. They now call the new app Buddhify 2, and Buddhify (the original app) has been pulled from the App Store.

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