Google Calendar Now Autocomplete Addresses When Creating Events

Google Calendar Now Autocomplete Addresses When Creating Events

This is a welcome update: today, Google announced that Google Calendar will finally autocomplete addresses when creating events.

Google Maps has long offered address autocompletion, and it’s a handy addition to the Google Calendar toolbox. Events added this way will include a ‘maps’ link which attendees can click to see the exact location.

Google has also updated the calendar search function, allowing you to search for “lunch” (for example) and find any event with that label. There’s also now the ability to invite an entire Google Group to an event.

Know where to go, stay up-to-date and more with Google Calendar [Official Gmail Blog]


  • That’s great, but they also need the reverse so you can pinpoint a location on maps and plug that location into calendar. not everywhere has an address and there are plenty of examples where Maps’ address is in the wrong spot

  • This is a VERY welcome addition as someone who uses GC for “everything”.

    Steve – to be fair to Google… if a place does not have an address, then how is dropping a pin on the map going to translate into text in the LOCATION field ? OK, maybe clickable LONG:LAT numbers ?

    Anyway… what next for Google… maybe the ability to create multi-point journeys in Maps… Oh…. wait… they had that and then killed it 🙁

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