The Clean Cut Windows Desktop

The Clean Cut Desktop

Saakeman's desktop is clean and open with some personal touches. Modified icons and multiple desktops make for a good-looking and highly productive workspace. Here's how he made it.

If you want the look Saakeman has above, here's what you'll need:

  • The wallpaper by Zuggamasta at DeviantArt
  • The Seven and a Half Windows theme from DeviantArt to create the transparent windows and general look and feel
  • The Token icon set to replace the default system icons
  • Dexpot to create multiple desktops and working spaces (Saakeman notes he uses one for Steam, one for browsing, two multipurpose desktops for whatever he may need, and one for downloads)
  • The FXOpera skin for Firefox, just to customise its visual look

You'll note there's no Rainmeter here; there are no widgets and no additional toolbars. He even notes that he used to use RocketDock as part of his workflow but replaced them with Windows jump lists from the taskbar.


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