The Minimal Calm Desktop

The Minimal Calm Desktop

Flickr user Fiona_Conn has a desktop that’s calm, minimalist and almost devoid of icons, widgets and other tools that serve to distract your focus from the task at hand. She has built a desktop that’s gorgeous to look at, but easy to work on at the same time.

She says on Flickr that her goal was to create a Windows 7 interface that was as clean and clear as possible. If you want the same effect for your desktop, here’s what you’ll need:

  • The Takeyume wallpaper by Burning Monk at DeviantArt
  • RocketDock as an application launcher with a blank skin and the Token icon pack from DeviantArt
  • Although you can’t see it, she also uses the Blue Mango Skin Pack to darken Windows 7’s UI a little bit
  • Auto-hide the taskbar (which she keeps at the top of the screen) to keep it out of the way

That’s all there is to it – no fancy skins, themes, or utilities, and the result is a clean, gorgeous looking desktop that won’t distract you from your work.

Calm Desktop [Flickr]

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