The Parisian Desktop

Flickr user ers_21 apparently longs for a Parisian vacation, or to sit on the streets of Paris and eat pastries and sip espresso, and his desktop takes us there with him. It's clean, monochrome and minimal without being boring, and is still simple enough to not be distracting when it's time to get some work done.

The clock is where it's at on this desktop - we've seen the taskbar mods before, but the simple colour scheme with the large clock is the type of desktop that would keep us on task through until the end of the day. If you want the same look on your Windows 7 system, here's what you'll need:

Win Desktop [Flickr]


    any idea if this stuff works with dual screens?!?

      It sure does, and you can use the tool RainRez (search the rainmeter forums) to automatically switch themes when your resolution changes, for example when you plug your laptop into an external monitor.

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