Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts
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From good morning habits to the best programming languages to learn, we had plenty of advice on offer. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. 5 Things Successful People Do Before 8AM
    Rise and shine! Morning time just became your new best friend. Love it or hate it, utilising the morning hours before work may be the key to a successful and healthy lifestyle. That’s right, early rising is a common trait found in many CEOs, government officials, and other influential people.
  2. Don’t Peel Oranges: Quickly Unroll Them In A Strip Instead
    After you learn this trick, you’ll never have to get your hands messy peeling an orange again.
  3. Why Reheated Rice Can Give You Food Poisoning
    If you think of food poisoning, chances are you think of seafood, raw eggs and raw meat. However, you can also be at risk if you reheat cooked rice or pasta.
  4. What The Colour Of Your Pee Says About Your Health
    It’s not something you might think about often, but your pee can tell you a lot about your body. This graphic from Cleveland Clinic shows what different urine hues might say about your health.
  5. Fix Your Computer Hunch And Other Posture Problems In 30 Seconds
    This one exercise can greatly improve your mobility and flexibility — and cure the many ills that come from sitting hunched in front of a screen all day. It takes just 30 seconds, and you don’t need any equipment.
  6. Five Best iPad Cases
    If you just acquired up a new iPad Air or an iPad Mini, or if you’re shopping for someone who has, you’ll want a case for it to make sure it’s safe and protected. You have options whether it’s a rugged case you require, a soft case with pockets, or a keyboard case. Here are five of the best, based on your nominations.
  7. Ask LH: Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?
    Dear Lifehacker, With all the buzz about learning to code, I’ve decided to give it a try. The problem is I’m not sure where to start. What’s the best programming language for a beginner like me?
  8. Ask LH: What If I Don’t Need Eight Hours Sleep?
    Dear Lifehacker, You talk about sleep a lot on this site and how many people aren’t getting enough sleep. I went through a stage where I wasn’t sleeping well, as though I wasn’t actually getting into the deep sleep phases, so I decided to give myself a regular eight hours. I followed all the rules. Only I found that I was sleeping worse.
  9. How Politics Is Depriving Us Of A Decent NBN
    As Stephen Conroy interrogated the incoming NBN Co chief Ziggy Switkowski in last week’s Senate hearing into the network’s rollout, it became increasingly clear that politics is getting in the way of good policy.
  10. 5 Ways To Make Your Showers More Productive
    You’ve probably heard that great ideas can come to you in the shower — it has even been scientifically proven. Nevertheless, you probably waste more time enjoying yourself than you do having epiphanies. While you should take your breaks, here are five ways to get a little more done during your downtime.