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You wanted Australia's unhealthiest fast food, advice on watching the Venus-Jupiter conjunction and female masturbation tips. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Revealed: The Unhealthiest Fast Food Products In Australia
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having an occasional fast food blow-out. Some would even argue that it’s good for the soul. However, there are some menu items that are definitely best avoided; especially if you’re trying to lose weight. With that in mind, here are the unhealthiest products from each of Australia’s major fast food chains. (You may be surprised to learn that Subway “beat” McDonald’s.)
  2. Lifehacker 101: How To Choose The Right VPN In Australia
    Not all virtual private networks (VPNs) are created equal. Some keep logs, some cap your traffic, some don’t work on mobile, some don’t work at all. This is what you need to know about choosing a VPN provider, as well as a few recommendations to get you started.
  3. Why Are Universities Still Using PowerPoint?It was recently argued that universities should ban PowerPoint because it makes students stupid and professors boring. I agree entirely. However, most universities will ignore this good advice because rather than measuring success by how much their students learn, universities measure success with student satisfaction surveys.
  4. How To Watch Tonight's Venus-Jupiter Conjunction
    In a few minutes’ time, the two brightest planets in the night sky — Venus and Jupiter — will appear to pass extremely close to one another; so close that they’ll seem on the verge of colliding. Here’s what you need to know about viewing this celestial event in Australia.
  5. iOS 8.4 Will Launch Early Wednesday Morning
    The next update for iOS will hit Australian shores at 1am on Wednesday morning, just before the “official” launch of Apple Music.
  6. McDonald's Is Launching An All Day Breakfast Menu
    Attention nocturnal bacon fans: McDonald’s breakfast menu will soon be available to purchase at any time — that’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In other words, post-pub snacks are about to get a lot more satisfying.
  7. Ask LH: Can I Still Be Fined If I Cancelled A Torrent Halfway Through?
    Dear Lifehacker, The other day my friend started downloading a torrent of Game Of Thrones on my home computer. I discovered this a few minutes into the download and quickly deleted it. Can I still be fined? Technically I didn’t download anything. Concernedly yours, Half Pirate.
  8. A Woman's Guide To Learning To Love Masturbation [NSFW]
    So many of the women in my sex therapy practice complain that they don’t like masturbating. I’m a huge proponent of masturbation, and have seen the ways that it can transform women’s lives with more pleasure, more orgasms, better body confidence, and more fun! Nobody’s going to force you to put your hands down your pants, but let’s talk about how to enjoy masturbation if you never have before.
  9. How To Hack Your Entire Life With VegemiteYou could spread Vegemite on toast. We’re just putting it out there as a wacky possibility. It turns out, though, that there’s all sorts of crazy ways to use the popular breakfast spread. Here are some non-food uses for Vegemite that the internet swears by — from a WD-40 substitute to a DIY hair conditioner.
  10. The Easiest Languages For Native English Speakers To LearnDepending on your circumstances, some languages can be harder to grasp than others. If English is your first language, these languages are widely considered to be the easiest to learn how to speak, read and write.


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