Don't Peel Oranges: Quickly Unroll Them In A Strip Instead

Don't Peel Oranges. Quickly Unroll Them in a Strip Instead

After you learn this trick, you'll never have to get your hands messy peeling an orange again.

As Sara shares on the JewelPie blog, it only takes four simple steps to roll an orange out into a strip: Cut the top and bottom of the orange, cut a vertical slit on one side, then gently roll the orange out. Pretty and neat!

She demonstrates this with a mandarin, which tends to be a bit more lot easier to peel than regular oranges anyway, but I tried this with a navel orange yesterday with great success.

Easy way to eat mandarin oranges (without peeling!) [JewelPie via Mental Floss]


    Peeling an orange and peeling a mandarin are two vastly different things.

    Show me a nice way to peel an orange, and I'll buy you a yacht in the Caribbean.

      Yeah I would like to see a video of this working with that navel orange then. I can easily see this working with mandarines; a food that basically begs to be peeled and eaten. Oranges however, well the difficulty is why I clicked here and I really do hope this technique does work.

        I did this yesterday with an orange. Worked perfectly. Gonna do it every time from now on.

      A nice way to peel an orange is to use a sabre and a piece of string. I'll take that yacht now thanks. Preferably one of those big fancy ones.

      Mandarins are mandarins. Oranges are oranges. So, what the hell is a "mandarin orange"?

      Last edited 04/12/13 11:04 am
        Different names in different places. Same thing though.

        You can however cross pollinate a mandarin with an orange and you'll get seed to make a hybrid mandarin X orange. I have one of them growing.

    Also, that website appears to have been slashdotted.

    i just cut the rind off with a sharp knife! I leave as much white part as I can (as it contains most of the bioflavonoids)

    If it was "How to peel a mandarin" I would have clicked it as fast as "How to peel a banana". This is just false advertising.

    Same, I actually peel my oranges with a potato peeler to keep even more of the fibrous layers of skin :). I don't eat much grains so have daily fiber in these outer layers of the orange skin! Just adjust it according to whether I am having other sources of fiber that day :).

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