Knock Out Flies With Glass Cleaner

When flies invade your home, you can try to scientifically swat them all or use this simpler, faster method: spray them with glass cleaner.

Household Hacker, in its roundup of seven life hacks, says the ammonia will knock them out for easy cleanup. Handy if you've run out of spray.

Check out the video above for six other clever hacks, including how to heat up two bowls in a microwave when they don't seem to fit.

Quick and Simple Life Hacks #10 [YouTube]


    For a chemical free way -
    Flies are attracted to light sources so turn off your lights close your blinds but keep one window blind up. Soon the flies will go to that window and then you can choose to set them free - from your house or existence.

    Spray starch works well on insects - discovered while ironing. Flies aren't used to becoming fixed-wing gliders...

      While I hold little sympathy for flies, slowly starving them through immobility seems a little inefficient and cruel

        Once immobilised by starch they can be quickly dealt with by a swatter or shoe. Left alone, I suspect they would suffocate rather quickly, which may be better than having a slow acting nerve toxin work on them in the way of many insecticides.

    Spraying hydrochloric acid works too...

      Agreed! I also used radioactive waste, until my hair started falling out.

      Last edited 01/01/14 10:46 pm

        Napalm all the way, none of these half hearted methods.

    Works a treat on ants too. If you leave a bit of sugar on the kitchen bench and find it swarming with ants, one spray of Windex and they die instantly, so it's relatively humane.

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