Make Your Own Natural Insect Repellent At Home

Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellent at Home

If you've ever been outdoors in the summer, you know bugs are annoying. Avoid costly commercial sprays and try this recipe for inexpensive insect repellent.

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The recipe for this repellent includes essential oils that keep bugs away, and also adds witch hazel (which softens the skin and can soothe any existing bites) and vegetable glycerin (which keeps the repellent on your skin).

I tried it out and the glycerin makes the DIY version a bit sticky, but I like the fact that I control the scent and the ingredients. You can skip the glycerin, but you'll need to spray it more often on your body if you do.

Check the link out for other natural alternatives to keep the bugs at bay.

DIY All-Natural Bug Spray [Free People Blog via Makezine]


    As a side, you can combine it with Coconut Oil (Solid at room temp) so you can use it as a rubbing oil.
    Or if you want it like a cream, add in some bees wax mixed with a small amount of paraffin wax.

    Another great source for this kind of thing is actually an old BBC series called 'Grow Your Own Drugs' hosted by ethnobotanist; James Wong.

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