Do You Want Telstra Controlling Your Box?

Telstra has announced a partnership with enterprise-focused cloud storage service Box, and says it will offer the service to its business and enterprise customers "in the coming months". But will those sort of arrangements be enough to persuade users not to install their own cloud storage and syncing alternatives?

It's often suggested that introducing "approved" cloud services is a potential strategy to stop individual installations of unapproved (and unmonitored) services such as Dropbox, and that's the strategy Telstra is pursuing. However, another school of thought holds that this will happen anyway, and you're better off as an IT manager monitoring the apps people choose to install via a mobile device management solution. Which view do you hold?


    I forwarded this article to my girlfriends work email and she told me off for not warning her that it wasn't suitable for work!?! I don't get it!?

    HAHaHAHAhahah, telstra.

    why would you take something so simple and make it so complicated.

    If Telstra have discovered a way to control their box I would really love to know...

    Telstra are not in such a good state right at this moment in terms of privacy.

    As far as I am concerned they can keep their grubby little paws off my Box.

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