DeGeo Removes Location Data From iPhone Photos Before Sharing

DeGeo Removes Location Data from iPhone Photos Before Sharing

iOS: A benefit of taking pictures with your iPhone is that your exact location is saved for every one of those pictures, so you can easily see where you took them. That's also potentially a problem if you want to share those pictures on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. DeGeo is an app that removes that location data before you share photos.

What's nice about deGeo is how easy it is to use. Just open the app, pick a photo, and then share it to your social network of choice with no location data. That's it — deGeo doesn't have filters, effects, or anything else, but it does easily strip away that location data so you can safely share photos publicly. If you want to do the same on your PC, that's easy as well.

deGeo ($0.99) [iTunes App Store via MacStories]


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