Turn Your Scripts Into Instant Movies With The Plotagon Screenwriting App

Turn Your Scripts Into Instant Movies With The Plotagon Screenwriting App

Plotagon is a screenwriting app for PC and Mac that turns your scripts and treatments into animated shorts. The app is currently in beta and free to download, which makes it a great visualisation tool for frugal filmmakers. To show you what the app is capable of, Allure Media proudly presents: Lifehacker — The Movie

Unlike most animation programs, Plotagon has been built with simplicity in mind — it lets you choose from a cast of The Sims-style characters and locations to set your story in. It then takes its cues from the script which you write directly into the program.

You can choose how each line of dialogue is spoken by each character (happy, sad, etc.) and add various actions to the scene as well. The “acting” isn’t likely to win any machinima awards, but if you’re looking for a cheap way to visualise a scene you’ve just written, Plotagon is definitely worth a look.

In its current beta form the app is somewhat limited (particularly if you’re looking to choreograph complex action), but the developers are promising more locations, sound effects and characters in the final version. Here’s a quick short we whipped up in less than five minutes:

You can download the free beta here.



  • To make a hollywood blockbuster, you need: car chases, explosions, and gratuitous [female] nudity. My plot requires a bus going 55mph, full of naked girls throwing out hand grenades.

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