Get Up To 25GB Of Free Storage With Tresorit

Using multiple cloud storage services means you're less likely to run out of potential backup space. Until November 23, Encrypted storage provider Tresorit is offering up to 25GB of storage for nothing.

You score 5GB for signing up, an additional 5GB for downloading the Android or iOS clients, and 3GB per friend you refer (up to a maximum of five). That's a relatively generous offering compared to obvious rivals such as Dropbox (though there are plenty of ways to score extra free Dropbox storage). Hit the site for more details.



    Although Tresorit is awesome for the encryption side of things, I'll stick with Copy - 20GB to start with, and 5GB per referral

      Congrats, you just got 5GB from me.

      It's usually polite to mention that you're giving out a referral link.

        the word right before the link is referral ... and without the referral new users would only get 15GB ... if you don't want the extra 5GB,

    lucky for me I signed up earlier this year and got 50GB free for life

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