Encrypted Cloud Service Tresorit Unveils New Desktop And Mobile Apps

Encrypted Cloud Service Tresorit Unveils New Desktop And Mobile Apps

Android/Mac/Windows: Tresorit is one of our favourite privacy-protecting cloud storage services. It encrypts your data, protects your privacy, and it has even challenged hackers to break its security. Now, the service has unveiled new apps for Mac and Android, and it has updated its Windows app as well.

The new apps still give you access to all of your cloud-hosted files, and they still encrypt and decrypt them on demand — nothing leaves your computer without being encrypted first. If you download anything new, it’s decrypted when it gets to you, not on Tresorit’s servers. This way, not even Tresorit knows what you’re storing — all of the keys are stored locally on your Mac, Windows PC or Android device.

Tresorit even makes sharing those encrypted files easy and gives you control over the permissions each person you’ve shared a file with has — you can grant one person rights to edit an encrypted document, for example, while someone else can only view it. You can even stop those people from re-sharing the document or revoke their permissions.

You can grab the new apps on its download page or sign up for an account at the link below. If you have an iOS device, Windows Phone or you’re a Linux user, hang tight — Tresorit says it’s working on apps for you next. If you’re interested in any of those platforms, you can sign up on its site to register your interest.