Briefly: Get 50GB Free Online Storage, Vodafone 4G Network Hands-On, Huge nh4no3 Explosion Caught On Video

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: DesignCrowd slashes project prices by 50 per cent, massive US fertiliser plant explosion caught on video, Vodafone's 4G network tested.

  • The freelance design website DesignCrowd is having a 24 hour sale that gives 50% off the project posting fees for any new design job, whether it be extensive web and graphic design or simply a company logo. Head to DesignCrowd for more information.
  • A massive US fertiliser plant explosion caused by Ammonium Nitrate has been captured on video by a father and daughter who happened to be in the area. The shock waves from the explosion profoundly affects the duo despite being parked more than a kilometre away. The blast appears to fracture the car windows and may have burst the unfortunates' ear drums. The death toll is not yet known. (The explosion occurs at the 0:29 mark.)
  • Our colleagues at Gizmodo have just spent the afternoon putting Vodafone’s touted 4G network through its paces. The highest download speed recorded was 107Mbps. Click here to find out how fast it is at different network capacities and on different devices.
  • We've written about this deal previously, but we feel it's worth flagging again for those who missed it. For a limited time, Dropbox competitor Tresorit is offering 50GB of free encrypted online storage exclusive to Lifehacker readers. Tresorit’s chief selling point is its strong security; your files and folders are encrypted before they’re uploaded to the cloud. Pay a visit to the Tresorit website to sign up. The deal expires 20 May.

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      50gb or 5gb?

        It's 50 with the offer

      So once you sign up, how do you find out or see how much storage you have available or used?? And No mobile apps yet?? Really? Isn't that pretty much a requirement to cloud file storage these days?

      My quota shows I have 5GB. I downloaded from the link above.

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