Get 50GB Of Free, Encrypted Online Storage From Tresorit

Get 50GB Of Free, Encrypted Online Storage From Tresorit

There are a lots of online syncing and storage services, but not all of them locally encrypt your data for higher security. Just out of limited beta, Tresorit is a new Dropbox alternative with client-side encryption. The company offers 5GB of free space, but for a limited time Lifehacker readers can grab 50GB free for life.

Tresorit’s biggest selling point is the strong security. Your files and folders are encrypted before they’re uploaded to the cloud. To get technical about it:

Files are encrypted with AES-256 before being uploaded to the cloud. Additional security is provided before upload by HMAC message authentication codes applied on SHA-512 hashes. Encrypted files are uploaded to the cloud using TLS-protected channels.

The company is also putting its money where its mouth is: On April 15, Tresorit is inviting the world’s hackers to try to break its encryption and win $10,000.

The Windows software (Mac, Android, and iOS versions coming before June) is also really easy to use. You can select any folder to be synced (as a “Tresor”), share folders with other users, and also adjust permissions of shared folders by user.

On the downside, there’s no web-based access for your files, and it takes a few seconds longer for your synced files to appear on another computer (probably because of the encryption that has to happen first). Other Dropbox alternatives with client-side encryption, SpiderOak and Wuala, have more features, but Tresorit’s interface is a lot more user-friendly. And it’s hard to beat 50GB of free encrypted space.

If you want to try it out, you’ll need to register via the link below to get the 50 gigs free. This offer is good until May 20.



  • Awesome… the .exe is downloading to my iMac right now… wait… errr…. ???

    Guess the free 50GB is for Windows users only.
    “Mac, Android, iOS versions before June”
    “50GB offer good till 20th May”

    More seriously though… I’ll be interested to see if it’s offering option for TNO security, or if Tresorit will being managing the client-side encryption keys.

  • I could successfully register, but am unable to log into the account to confirm the 50 GB. Is it working for anyone else? It keeps telling me there is a network error.

  • There are two issues with this service.

    1. No internet access (i hope this comes soon)
    2. No way to put proxy info into the client, you have to have a direct connection to the internet.

  • Registered and installed. All working nicely with 50GB showing.

    Regarding my original query re security, seems they are doing it right. This page mentions there is NO password recovery option.

    Meaning that all the encryption is done client-side, meaning that I am the only one with access to the keys, and therefore the data.

    Also the main reason there is no web-client access option.
    Also the reason that Dropbox is not fully private/secure. ie: In order to let you view your data from any web browser, Dropbox hold the encryption keys and can view your data and everyone elses data at any time. Or give that data over to law enforcement when asked to do so. As stated in Dropbox TOS. (and most other of these services)

    I use Arq / AWS S3 to cloud-backup all my mission critical data but it’s always handy to have another alternative.

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