Are You More Creative Alone Or With Others?

Are You More Creative Alone or with Others?

For some, creativity is a solitary endeavour. For others, nothing sparks the creative engine as effectively as the escalation of ideas you can experience with a group of people. Which are you?

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There are good arguments on both sides of this discussion. Some people create best when they are alone. Others come up with their best creations when ideas fly around a group.

Over the years, we've talked about many different ways to boost your creativity. But right now, we're curious:


    Wouldn't that fall back to introverts and extroverts? Introverts would be more creative alone as they gain energy in solitude, and extroverts who gain energy while around others would be more creative in social situations?

    I think most creative people need alternating times of both alone time and interaction time to fully develop Ideas properly, whether introverts or extroverts. Not sure where that option is!

    I often find myself utterly incapable of starting something unless I have time to stew on the idea by myself first, even if I later on engage help from others. To the point where they will probably think I am lazy for not wanting to get started, when really I just need to be left alone for a while. I think it is my brains way of 'taking ownership' of a task and building motivation.

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