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When you're reading the news, it can feel reassuring when the journalist backs up their claim with survey results. But not all surveys are equally trustworthy. Thankfully there are a few telltale signs of untrustworthy polls - as well as polls you can kind of trust. Yeah, it's a spectrum.


By now, many of you have managed to fill out the eCensus during one of its sporadic appearances online. With all the hoopla surrounding privacy breaches and flaky security, a lot of Aussies are risking stiff fines by deliberately fudging the survey with fake answers. Was anyone completely truthful? Take part in our poll to find out!


Shredders offer peace of mind in a world of burgeoning identify theft. But with so many documents supplied in digital form these days, the question arises: are shredders still a vital tool? Do you use one?


With more and more ways for people to communicate with one another, Internet access, open office plans, and those walking distractions called colleagues, it's a wonder we ever find time to get anything done at all. What's your biggest time sink?


'Phablet' is an ugly word, but oversized phones/undersized tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note are proving popular. According to Juniper Research, 20 million phablets sold in 2013, and that number could rise sixfold by 2018.


Changing jobs is much more common than it used to be -- we're no longer wedded to the one-employer-for-life model. Still, changing actual careers is a less-frequent event. Have you ever done it?


In a pre-social networking era, you broke up with someone and then found out what they were up to via mutual friends. These days, you can dodge using your friends and stalk former lovers online. Do you give in to temptation?


Meetings can range from useful to awful, but even a good meeting isn't of much value if you don't have a way to keep track of what's been covered. How do you take your meeting notes?