APK Downloader Pulls APK Files Directly From Google Play

APK Downloader Pulls APK Files Directly From Google Play

Being unable to install an app on your device from the Play Store is a pain. Fortunately, a developer has created a tool that lets you pull an APK directly from Google's servers and side-load it yourself. Handy!

The web app requires you to enter the package name for the app you want (which you can find in the URL of the app on the Play Store, after "id="), and after that it will generate a download link. The site only works for free apps — this isn't a piracy tool, after.

Remember, if you side-load an APK, you're taking the risk that it might not be properly supported. However, if you need to move an app over to a device without an internet connection, or you want to try it on a phone that's not officially supported, this is a way to do it.

APK Downloader [via Digital Inspiration]


    Uncanny! I was just thinking this morning that I could use an app like this.

    Oh this is perfect! I am in Thailand so a lot of Aussie region-locked apps and others (like anything GTA V-related like the manual and iFruit) aren't installable through the Play Store.

    I would imagine this exploit will get shutdown fairly quickly by Google though, so better get in quick!

    Edit: Well that sucks. Both GTA apps fail to download data because I "may not have purchased the app". Guess they're out then. Sorry, Chop, no training for you!

    Last edited 03/11/13 2:45 am

      Free apps only Glock. I got it to work for Google tv remote app.

        They are free apps! I have a feeling the data download checks for an installed Market link. I even tried creating a link with Titanium Backup but it didn't help.


          Free app?

            I was referring to the GTA V companion apps, GTA V Manual and iFruit. They are free.

            Last edited 05/11/13 7:15 pm

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