Stay Updated On The NSW Fires With This Google Map

Google Australia has set up a mirror to the NSW Rural Fire Services' fire alert map, meaning that this link will get you to all the latest emergency warnings for the fires now burning out of control around the state.

Smoke is once again being picked up by the Bureau of Meteorology's radar station, and a thick layer of smoke has started blanketing Sydney.

Here's what just one of the firefronts looks like from the air.

There are some frightening images coming in over Twitter. The live feed is below.

More photos over on Business Insider.

Stay safe, NSW. Listen to fire crews, stay abreast of warnings and leave when told. We're thinking of you.

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Comments not really much different to NSW Rural Fire Service own one....

      The first line says "Google Australia has set up a mirror to the NSW Rural Fire Services’ fire alert map", so of course it isn't different. Government websites always struggle with the massive amount of traffic they get during these events. If Google can take some of the load and let people get the information they need, isn't that a good thing?

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