Bushfire Alert: The Sites And Apps You Need

Bushfire season is in full swing, and knowing the location of potentially risky fires is essential, especially if you live in a rural area. Fire services make full use of technology to keep Australians informed, with all offering online updates and many offering specific apps as well. We’ve rounded them all up to help you keep safe this summer.

Below we’ve listed every site, map, RSS feed, Twitter feed, Facebook page, iOS and Android app we could locate for the major fire services in Australia (larger states have distinct urban and rural organisations; we’ve listed the rural ones first where appropriate, since they more typically deal with bushfires). If we’ve missed something, let us know in the comments. We’ve only included official apps and sites, not third-party services that draw on the published information.

Facebook and Twitter are useful as official sites can be hard to access during periods of high traffic. During periods of high fire danger, it makes sense to check multiple sources, as systems can break down; fire authorities always stress not relying on any single source of information.

New South Wales

NSW Rural Fire Service: site, map, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Android, iOS

Fire & Rescue NSW: site, RSS, Twitter, Facebook,


Country Fire Authority: site, map, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Android, iOS

Metropolitan Fire Board: site, Twitter, Facebook


Rural Fire Service: site, map.

Queensland Fire And Rescue Service: site, Twitter.

Western Australia

Department Of Fire And Emergency Services: site, Twitter

South Australia

Country Fire Service: site, map, Twitter, Facebook, iOS

Metropolitan Fire Service: site, Twitter


Tasmania Fire Service: site, map, RSS, Twitter, Facebook


ACT Rural Fire Service: site, map, RSS, Twitter, Facebook

Northern Territory

Northern Territory Fire And Rescue Service: site

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