Proper Menubar Brings Back Google's Trusty Black Bar

Proper Menubar Brings Back Google's Trusty Black Bar

Chrome/Firefox: Google recently dumped the black navigation bar again. Many users feel that the new app launcher is a sub-par replacement. Proper Menubar brings back the cold version with a vengeance.

The extension adds quick links for all of your favourite Google services to the top of many Google sites. For consistency, it will override many of the sites that still have the black bar including Gmail and Maps. However, since it has quite a few more links than Google's version, we're guessing you won't mind.

Proper Menubar [Chrome Web Store via Stefan]

Proper Menubar [Firefox Add-Ons]


    I've noticed something over the past day or so.

    First gmail, then images appeared on the new menu. I am wondering if there is a usage count so that over time the options you use show.

    All I need are translate and news to pop up and I will be happy.

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