How Do You Get To Work?

How Do You Get to Work?

Whether it's a short trip or a long haul, most of us commute to work or school. We'd like to know how you do it.

Commuting is rarely a pleasure for anyone, but it's an essential part of the daily routine for most of us. How do you do it?

Feel free to expand on your approach in the comments.


    Public transport and walking. I skip half the train trip now and have an hour walk to start the day.

    you should be able to select multiple entries here, because I dont exclusively use one or the other. I usually flip between PT and cycling to/from work.

    Australia will be a decent country once cyclists outnumber motorists. Until then, we're in the grip of the oil companies, a pretty shameful place to be.

    I'm disappointed that you chose to use radio buttons rather than check boxes - I usually walk or drive to work (depending on weather), but I also work from home and occasionally catch the bus. The only thing I don't do often is ride a bike.

    I actually do three of these.
    I come with my partner on his drive to work, walk 5-6kms to my work and then use public transport in the afternoon.
    I do it this way so I can ensure at least 6-7 kms of walking every day. The incidental exercise is an important part of my daily routine.

    Motorbike. The smarter and faster alternative to a car when its dry, and the smarter and more comfortable alternative to a bicycle in the rain.

      +1. The worst ride is still better than the best public transport trip. Given the options, taking the train, door to door, would take me about 75-90 minutes. On the bike, 30-35 minutes. Plus, since I commute from just outside of Brisbane to the CBD, I don't need to sell a kidney to buy train tickets.
      So where is the motorbike option? Blatant pro-cager bias...

        I noticed that about Brisbane trains. How can they justify that cost? Fucking joke!

      Another +1. I ride every day in any weather, can't handle the cage or PT.

        I can't think of anything worse than riding a bicycle or motorbike on a cold, windy, rainy day. I just don't get why you'd want to.

          You would be surprised. With some decent wet weather gear I am warmer and dryer then public transport.
          Though the roads are a bit more dangerous...

      Yep, even in the rain my Vespa is a better, faster, cheaper mode of transport.

    huh? is there actually a question thing up there in the article to fill out? I'm not seeing anything.

    edit: *disables plugin that blocks tracking sites* ooooh there it is.

    yeah so I catch 2 trains and I also walk 20 minutes to get to work.

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    On this:

    I use my friend

    Walk. Preferably with headphones, so I don't get asked for spare change every twelve seconds.

    Used to cycle until work moved far, far away. I try and cycle where possible combining public transport.

    you have a picture of a motorbike in this article but no option in the poll. ? you just lost yourself a statistic.

    I walk 8m down the passage to my home office

    I walk about 8km a day and sometimes get on a tram if it rains or I have to be somewhere quickly. I live on the city fringe in Melbourne.

    At the moment, car. Once my fitness has improved a bit it'll be by bicycle though.

    It takes roughly 30 minutes by car currently, 1-1.5 hours by public transport (closer to 1.5 most of the time) at roughly double the cost, and I'm assuming about an hour by bicycle.

    ... if only skywhale was an option.

    I'm dropped off at the airport to fly to work every fortnight, then drive a work vehicle from camp to site each day I'm there - because the bus at site caters only for the strict finish at 5:30pm types.

    My main transport to and from work is the train and my bike.

    I try and bike a minimum of two times a week to and from work with the occasional lift home from my girlfriend if I finish close to her that day.

    I use my car or motorcycle, you forgot the motorcycle option

    You know the Census of People and Housing (2011) basically asks every person in Australia how they travel to work. Its free data, and a bit more comprehensive ;-p

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