Extreme Commuting: I Am An Extreme Moron

Extreme Commuting: I Am An Extreme Moron

I’m a planner. I plan stuff in ridiculous detail. And yet despite having mapped out every element of my trips for this week’s Victorian extreme commuting experiment, I foolishly forgot to fully check one of the most obvious factors: trackwork.

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It turns out that because of trackwork, the 0742 service to Traralgon from Flinders Street (and indeed every other service) was being replaced with a bus as far as Pakenham, which is roughly half the trip. This was something I only found out when I reached the station, thanks to a rather garbled announcement.

While rail replacement buses are a factor every commuter has to deal with, I couldn’t get on board on this occasion. I can’t work on buses or in cars — I become ill extremely quickly — and I had too much to do this morning to sacrifice that time.

When I did the original NSW version of this experiment, I checked very carefully for trackwork, because I was making all the trips on weekends. Silly me for presuming a weekday wouldn’t cause problems. I will head back to Traralgon next week to round the experiment out.


  • I can’t handle working on road trips, either, but also have no trouble on trains. Any idea why it works like that? I’ve never understood it.

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