Ensure A Spare Airline Seat Next To You By Spilling Water On It

Ensure A Spare Airline Seat Next To You By Spilling Water On It

Having an empty seat next to you makes flying much more comfortable. If you want to increase the odds of that happening, consider spilling water on the adjacent seat.

Picture: CLDoyle

Gossip email Popbitch claimed that UK businessman Richard Desmond had been known to use this technique earlier this year:

This is how he’s been known to get some extra legroom on flights. He and the lovely Mrs Desmond pay the tiny Priority Boarding fee on EasyJet, to ensure they can take their seats early. They choose the window and aisle seats of a row of three. And then somehow Richard will “accidentally” knock a glass of water in the empty middle seat, to render it somewhat unusable.

That version of the technique assumes an airline which doesn’t assign seats. That doesn’t happen with any Australian airlines (though Jetstar used that approach in its early days). You could try your luck with the same technique with assigned seats, but if the flight is full there’s a fair chance you’ll end up in the wet seat yourself.

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