Keep Any Seat Empty With The Assistance Of A Barf Bag

You know those barf bags in the seat pocket on the aeroplane? They're good for more than a little vomit. As Instructables user wilgubeast points out, they make for a great way to keep the seat next to you empty.

Impossibly relevant photo by Mike Hartnett

Most airlines assign your seats ahead of time, so placing a barf bag on the seat beside you isn't going to do much unless you're flying on an airline that doesn't. But it's not the aeroplane that makes the barf bag unappealing. It does that all by itself. Take it on the bus, to a movie theatre, or anywhere you might want to keep a seat empty. Maybe it's a little cruel to make someone else stand when there's technically a seat empty, but there are those times when you just really need your space or you're just saving a seat for a friend. With aeroplane barf bags comes great responsibility, so use it sparingly and be conscientious.

Hold a seat [Instructables]


    Barf bag? You could have at least pretended to Australianise this.

      It seems that they did at least try -- I doubt the US article referred to "aeroplanes".

    On suburban trains I notice that people won't remove rubbish on a seat like an empty soft drink bottle or newspaper and will seek an empty seat without rubbish until the train really fills up. Only then will prospective passengers will remove rubbish on a seat.
    No, I don't leave rubbish on an empty seat, these are left by passengers who have left the train.

    Skip the bag - barf on the seat.

    Works every time.

      That way you get the whole area to yourself, if you can handle the smell.

      Bad body odour works well. Some homeless guys can keep a whole train carriage to themselves, I know, I've let them have it a few times.

    The first sentence reads like bad advertising copy... "Those barf bags are great for more than *a little* vomit, they can handle those big vomits too!"

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