Dealhacker: 50% Off Skype Cards At Coles

Definitely worth noting if you're a Skype user: from tomorrow (9 October), Coles has Skype prepaid cards for 50 per cent off.

The deal runs until 16 October. That's a seriously good saving if you use Skype for making calls (a handy trick if you're on the road overseas and your hotel has free Wi-Fi).

Skype [via OzBargain]


    Might want to update the month, unless we have to travel back in time for the deal.

    Bugger! We all missed the deal!

    Wait, it's percent, isn't it? Not Per cent? Have I possibly been writing this incorrectly all my life?

    "Coles has Skype prepaid cards for 50 per cent off."

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