Outlook.com Supports Disposable Email Addresses

Outlook.com Supports Disposable Email Addresses

Microsoft’s Outlook.com webmail service already offers a handy option to set up multiple aliases routing to the same address. Now it has an additional useful feature: the ability to create disposable addresses by adding a “+modifier” to the name.

If your address was [email protected], for example, you could create an address in the form [email protected] (Gmail has a similar feature). That makes it easier to filter email used for specific purposes without having to maintain multiple accounts.

Outlook.com supports simpler “+” email aliases too [Within Windows]


  • Er.. Those addresses really aren’t disposable, and infact in many ways this is part of the email RFC, and something most good providers do (not just gmail)..

    Might want to google an actual disposable email service and note the differences betwen the two heh. Unfortunately this is fairly useless, its like assuming spammers cannot split a string by + and @. Any spammer who doesn’t simply isn’t very good at their job heh!

  • This would be a lot more useful if arse hats wouldn’t keep implementing half-baked email address ‘validation’ which treats the presence of ‘+’ as invalid.

    • Couldn’t agree more, I’ve encountered that problem FAR too many times!

      Equally annoying, many sites won’t accept my hyphenated surname as valid!

  • I’d have to agree with Michael; this is a useful feature, and one worth telling people about so they can make use of it, but it’s a very different thing to a “disposable address” and has been widely supported by many other providers (not just gmail) for a long time.

  • The one thing that prevents me from switching to outlook is a feature I use in gmail (apps for domain).
    Every web signup gets a real email address ([email protected]). For the most part this just gets wildcarded to my main inbox.
    If I get spam, I don’t just filter that address, I disable it (by aliasing to a disabled email address).
    This means the server rejects the spam rather than accepting it and then having to categorise it.
    Unfortunately, outlook.com only supports a small amount of aliases which makes it not-useable for this use case.

  • just use meltmail.com – it gives you really disposable email addresses (max. length of existence is 24 hours then the address doesn’t work anymore)

  • I think using the alias is much better as a disposable email address. If you use a + modifier, you’re still giving out your real email address, you’re just asking the sending to add a modifier to it for you to automatically sort. The alias can’t be tracked back to you at all.

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