Making An Alias For Your Account Is Ridiculously Easy

Need to create a more (or less) professional alias to use your new Outlook email account? It's incredibly easy.

Just point your browser here and start creating aliases from which you can send and receive email, all from the same inbox. You can also have email for that alias sent to a separate inbox. Handy for all sorts of shenanigans with friends, but also useful if (for instance) you want to keep work and personal email separate.

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    This might be a stupid question, but when you change to a Outlook account does you old Hotmail address basically become an alias or will it expire and stop forwarding eventually? is Hotmail. It seems like a simple rebranding; I'm unsure if my account got "upgraded" to Outlook from Hotmail after signing in with the address, but it looks a lot like the Office 2013 Preview now, made some pretty good aliases; better than my gmail account even, and the domain sounds nice and much cleaner than

        I thought so too at first, but then I read that welcome e-mail:

        "Get a Outlook email address for your new inbox

        You can get a new email address from Outlook. You don't have to worry about your contacts and previous emails, you'll keep them. And, you'll continue receiving messages sent to your Hotmail address.
        Get new ID"

          I saw that option after making my comment; I'm not going to switch to an Outlook account just yet.

            For what it's worth I ended up switching. Seems to have worked flawlessly, all my Xbox achievements, contacts and the like are linked to the new account and they're forwarding e-mails properly too. Tried to sign up my previous address as an alias and they said it already was, so here's hoping that's permanent. :P

    Damn... can only add 5 aliases....
    Was trying to troll for all common combinations of my name. Got 5 good ones though :)

      Now just sign up a second account, create 5 more aliases and forward them...

    Cool, now has anyone figured out how to delete an alias from

      In the email sent to you to say your new alias has been created, it also has a link to deleting it. Alternatively, you can go to .

        Removing the alias from notifications list found at did not remove the alias from the Outlook Mail page; the alias remains listed as one of the addresses from which mail can be sent. and has proven to be still functional. Maybe this will be fixed, but right now aliases, once created, appear to be a permanent part of the functionality of your account and how the respective UI in Mail appears.

    If you create an alias in the new and set the alias inbof to your main inbox, can that inbox be changed to it's own inbox, in case you didn't go with that option when you initially set up the alias account? Thanks in advance.

      Create a new folder and then make a new rule to move messages to that folder if the to or cc address contains your alias

      eg.. Move messages to [email protected] if to or cc line contains word "[email protected]"

      When you choose the other option it simply created this for you. Easy enough to do yourself but.

    Is there a page where you can see a list of your existing aliases?

    You can find which aliases you have set up under

    Under Account Settings, Notifications, manage email preferences.

    Doesn't work for me, any ID that doesn't say taken then gives me the error "temporary issue"

    This has been "temporarily" occurring for hours now

    once i create an alias and choose, for example, for the emails to go into their own folder, how do i change it back to go to the main inbox?

    I moved my Hotmail account to and now I'm having problems with my Windows Phone. It seems to fix it I'll have to hard reset the phone and lose all the information as it does not recognize the new Live account neither it allows me to change to the new account. I have found no way whatsoever to "revert" back to Does anyone know how to cancel the account and go back to exclusively?

      I'm still tripping over various hidden problems in, and have not yet brought my Windows Phone online with it, but figured that doing so would be no problem -- my thought is Windows Phone need only have changed the login it has for my Microsoft account (changed from old ID to new ID) and it would then sync with the new account, same as the old account.; the big plan is for my Windows device(s) to sync with what's in the cloud, right? I'd say just do it, and see if it works.

    Transfered my existing hotmail and alias accounts. PROBLEM. Unlike the old Hotmail you now have only one USERNAME for all accounts. Whilst you can send receive mail to an alias account your USERNAME will appear as sender for all accounts

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