Microsoft Shows Off Azure Service Management SDK Beta For First Time

Microsoft Shows Off Azure Service Management SDK Beta For First Time

Microsoft used the opening developer keynote at TechEd Australia to give the first glance at its new Azure Service Management Software Development Kit (SDK), a tool designed to automate the processes involved with managing individual services and components in Azure deployments.

Project lead Brady Gaster demonstrated two aspects of the SDK, using it to automate site deployment and to automatically deploy a brand new SQL Server instance using an API call. Other elements available through the SDK will include VM deployments, and eventually “everything offered in Azure”, Gaster said.

Microsoft hasn’t set a target release date for the SDK, but Gaster said the team was aiming to release it “as soon as possible”. Being able to automate deployment and management will presumably encourage developers to utilise the free Azure credits offered to MSDN members which Microsoft unveiled at TechEd US in June

Disclosure: Angus Kidman travelled to TechEd Australia as a guest of Microsoft.


  • Quite frankly… Fuck azure.

    The fact that it is fairly well overpriced, relying on quickly developing features (which mostly did not exist at launch, thus the rush) withstanding.. MS has shown absolutely zero commitment toward actually providing any kind of enhanced connectivity in ANY of their product line up – even with this, maintaining it as an entirely separate product, rather than one that compliments windows directly in any way.

    A jaded customer who bought a surface pro, lumia 920, and new windows 8 desktop expecting them to provide ANY kind of advantage to using ONLY their products, and to date has received absolutely no benefit of inter-connectivity.

  • I can help but agree with Michael_debyl.
    It seems that LifeHacker is paid to speak about Azure, as “not-one-cares” can be applied to this article.

    Azure is not a very interesting platform, nor is it a “life hack”. Get out of my face with this rubbish. Stop porting about Azure, I don’t like it. this is not the place for it & I can only think that it’s here as it’s providing financial incentive. Well…stop it.

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