Keep Track Of Politicians’ Promises With New Crowdsourcing App

PromiseLocker is a new crowd sourcing web app that aims to catch Australian pollies out when they tell a fib. As its name implies, it captures and tracks all of the promises made by elected officials; from the big campaign slogans to the smaller promises made by individual candidates. You can then keep tabs on who the nation’s biggest liars are.

Politicians don’t have the best track record when it comes to keeping promises made on the campaign trail. In addition, political parties have been known to remove promises from their websites after the election, which can make it difficult to keep tabs on every promise that was made. This is where the new crowd sourcing project PromiseLocker aims to help.

“People vote for candidates on the basis of their election promises, but there has never been an easy way to view all of the promises made and check if they were kept,” explains PromiseLocker’s co-founder Chris Noone.

“We decided the only way to collate the promises was to tap into the wisdom of the crowd and provide tools for people to record the promises and share them online. It’s impossible for the media to capture every promise uttered by all of the candidates, but collectively this knowledge rests with the voters.”

PromiseLocker allows anyone to submit a promise made by a political organisation which they then provide regular updates on as the promise’s “curator”.

Crucially, the curator is required to provide supporting evidence of any promise they submit, such as the political party’s website or a reputable media link. This should help minimise the amount of bogus/fake promises uploaded by political mud-slingers.

“Before the election all of the major parties recorded promises on PromiseLocker, except the Liberals,” Noone noted. “That makes it even more important for voters to seize the opportunity to keep the Liberals honest.”

We think PromiseLocker is an excellent concept, but its current form does seem a bit confused and unwieldy — instead of focusing on the nation’s political parties, the site attempts to encompass literally any person or organisation. You can even record a Personal Promise which seem to be mainly centered around fitness and motivational goals.

Personally, we think a streamlined offshoot aimed solely at keeping our political representatives in check would be a better way to go.

You can check out the application for yourself here.

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