election 2013

  • Keep Track Of Politicians’ Promises With New Crowdsourcing App

    PromiseLocker is a new crowd sourcing web app that aims to catch Australian pollies out when they tell a fib. As its name implies, it captures and tracks all of the promises made by elected officials; from the big campaign slogans to the smaller promises made by individual candidates. You can then keep tabs on…

  • Earn An Extra Crust On Election Day By Signing Up As A Polling Assistant

    The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is currently looking for temporary employees to help out on election day. Available positions include polling assistants, office temps and voter information officers. If you think the country’s going down the tubes, this is your chance to grab a few hundred bucks from the government coffers while you still can!

  • ElectionLeaflets.Org.Au Back For 2013 Campaign

    There’s going to be an Australian federal government election on September 14 (you may have heard). One of our favourite online resources at the last election was ElectionLeaflets.org.au, which collected together scans of the leaflets sent out by every candidate and party it could find, so we’re pleased to see it has been reactivated this…