Attach Cables To The Edge Of Your Desk With Binder Clips

We love binder clips because they can manage all sorts of great tasks, like keeping your cables organised. Just clip one on, thread a cable through, and you’re ready to go.

You may remember this tip from the past. As one of our favourites, we wanted to memorialise it in video form, especially because it can be a bit tricker with larger cables. Just watch the short clip above to see how easily you can organise your cables in just a few seconds with binder clips.


  • Although I’ve used a few binder clips this way, the 3m hooks are my “Go To” product for this now. I can move them far enough under the desk that they’re out of sight but not out of reach, and not in the way if I rest my arms on the desk as I paint or gloss small craft items at my desk. However, that being said, the binder clips can hold something to the edge of the desk AND you still have two ‘hangars’ to hang something on, like the charger cord for your phone.

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