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Jobs, the much-discussed movie version of the life of Apple founder Steve Jobs, opens in Australia on 29 August. To celebrate we have 20 prize packs including double movie passes and a poster to give away to Lifehacker readers.

Steve Jobs is no longer with us, but Apple goes on — we'll soon see the official release of iOS 7, the first major iOS release Jobs himself wasn't intimately involved in. So to win the prize, we want you to answer this question in the comments:

Which new feature would you like to see added to iOS?

We'll pick the 20 most creative and amusing answers, and those lucky readers will score the prize pack (valued at $56). Entries close at 1pm on Monday 19 August, so get cracking! Full terms and conditions here.

Update: Our competition prize pack originally included a T-shirt; unfortunately a supplier problem means that's no longer available. Sorry folks!

JOBS Jobs is the powerful and true story of the visionary who set out to change the world and did. The film chronicles Steve Jobs' transformation of character from the enthusiasm and self-discovery of his youth, to the personal demons that clouded his vision and finally to the ultimate triumphs of his later life. Mark Hulme and Five Star Feature Films launched the production immediately following Jobs retirement in August 2011. Screenwriter Matt Whiteley, while penning the script, utilised a team of expert researchers based on months of exhaustive research and interviews with Steve Jobs friends, colleagues and mentors to develop the most truthful and gripping picture of Jobs' life.


    It's not necessarily the most creative idea, but it would be nice and more secure;

    "The abilility to specifiy a lock pattern rather than a simple passcode" - without Jailbreaking

    Anyone can figure out a passcode, whether it be numeric or alphanumeric but the ability of a lock pattern would be much more secure - especially since just about everything is stored on an iDevice these days.

      I don't understand this in the slightest. A lockscreen such as that on Android has far less protection then an alphanumeric code.

        But a pattern on a screen, let's say for e.g a figure of 8 is your pattern. Surely a would be thief or hacker cannot crack the "code" for a pattern as easily as they could a pin/password?

          It's actually far easier, especially if you don't wipe down your screen every time (e.g.

          To clarify, I use android, and the default pattern lock screen so ain't no apple fan boys up in here. But anyway, it would be the same numbers if apple implemented it.
          Android (pattern lock screen):
          Moves = 4, combinations = 1624
          Moves = 5, combinations = 7152
          Moves = 6, combinations = 26016
          Moves = 7, combinations = 72912
          Moves = 8, combinations = 140704
          Moves = 9, combinations = 140704

          iPhone (assuming numeric pin, alphanumeric makes these values go sky high):
          Moves = 4, combinations = 9999
          Moves = 5, combinations = 99999
          Moves = 6, combinations = 999999
          Moves = 7, combinations = 9999999
          Moves = 8, combinations = 99999999
          Moves = 9, combinations = 999999999

          It would be much easier to brute force the android over the iphone, assuming that infinite password attempts are enabled.

          Last edited 14/08/13 3:43 pm

    To be able to use Siri with external APIs.
    More so to ask Siri "When's my next bus to Chatswood coming?" Or "How long is the bus trip from x to y"

    The mist needed features for iPhone are simply battery life and the ability to bake a ringtone out of any audio file on the device.

    1) Wireless charging
    2) The ability to mark apps to always have memory allocation (I'm sick of my iPhone allocating memory to other applications just because I haven't opened my Pebble app in the last hour)
    3) (I know this is more so external companies, rather than Apple) Better Passbook support in Australia, I'm sick of carrying around my loyalty memberships (Cinebuzz, Woolworths, Flybuys .etc.)

      1. Love the wireless charging idea - I've always wanted to just be able to put my phone on one of those Duracell / Energizer pads and not have to worry about a cable

      2. Not fussed

      3. Download "Stocard" it contains many Australian cards. Lets you scan in your cards or input the barcode number to create an on screen barcode.

      However, not all stores are capable of scanning phone screens due to the scanners they have in stores, Vintage Cellars and Village have scanners that are capable. Not sure on other stores.

      Last edited 13/08/13 8:08 am

    Wireless Charging - iPhones should instead be powered by their users sense of self satisfaction. Namaste.

    Given we’re talking software, it’s got to be enabling turn over to silence! Totally underrated feature.

    The ability to download and open files (With a file explorer) on my phone. This should have been day 1 business for a 'smart' phone.

    Last edited 12/08/13 1:59 pm

    - Air Drop
    - NFC Technology or something like that..
    - Better resolution Camera
    - Finger Print Security for Unlocking Phones

    The ability to always fall with the screen side up. know, this should actually be possible. With some careful weighting towards the back and a few aerodynamic modifications, you could substantially increase the chances it'll fall screen-side up. The lighter and larger phones get, the more effective those modifications will be.

      (Caveat: this may involve your phone being teardrop-shaped. It might be easier to have a parachute that fires when the phone senses free fall)

    Most of those features mentioned above can be achieved with jailbreak.

    New feature that should be added is the ability to use the battery on your iPhone to charge other USB products. Such as sharing power to a friend's phone who just ran out of battery and needed to respond to his overly attached girlfriend.

    How about replacing the Stocks app with a intellectual property tracker app, so you can see the current status of all the IP features within iOS (stolen from iOS, stolen by iOS, stolen from iOS by iOS, stolen by iOS and every other phone manufacturer from Heddy Lamarr/the CSIRO, claimed as patented but not actually enforceable, enforceable but not actually patented, IP status by country).

    A countdown until the next product release would be cool, too.

    Notification and or recording of blackspots so that you get some form of notification before the information filled and helpful message: "Call Failed"

    An iOS feature that I think would help in the security department would be a simple function (on by default) that disables the ability to turn the device off if it has a pin lock. To turn off (or enable aeroplane mode) the iPhone the must be unlocked. This feature would greatly reduce the risk of never getting your iPhone back as it means the user has more time to track the device before said theif removes the battery or goes out if signal making the phone less desirable to steal.

    The ability to integrate and fuse (if you will) with other devices. For example - like Eric Cartman's Dawson's Creek Trapper Keeper that was able to fuse with Wellington Bear calculator. Deployment of spikes when an unauthorised person tries to use the phone is paramount.

    Integrate home automation features into IOS. Everyone loves home automation and you just know Apple would make it sexy.

    Able to set Siri's voice as Steve Jobs'... Creepy... :)

    The new feature? One of two things:

    Able to hack into any computer database in the world and use that information instantly. For example, to be able to take a picture of someone, and the computer would spit out details about them (Facebook details, Followers on Twitter etc).


    Able to control a proper humanoid robot would be very cool. Like a Sonny from I, Robot.

    Very cool features that the new iOS should ship with (Y)

    A breathalyzer test prior to making a call or sending texts at 2AM

    I love making videos I really wish they would add the ability for slow motion on videos. Thanks.

    Replace Siri with a holographic assistant called Genie who appears when you rub the phone.

    I would really like a bluetooth function that works, alternately I would like my iPhone to be an exact, functional replica of Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation; Enterprise not included.

    An augmented reality feature built into the camera app to detect other iPhone users based on beard length, thick rimmed glasses and the presence of a woollen beanie.

    ability to have splitscreen and be working on 2 things at once - either watch a video on file or from youtube and then use pages in the other side to write notes about it or any other combo =)

    Profile photos appearing beside the contact names in contact list view. Since the very first version of cydia and jailbreaking there has been an app/tweak called cyntact to do this but apple has never implemented it despite how well it looks and works.

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