Practical Lessons You Can Learn From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs' resignation as Apple's CEO for health reasons is going to dominate the headlines for days to come. We'll leave the business analysis and speculation to others; in line with Lifehacker's focus on productivity, here are our favourite lessons learned from Jobs.

How to give great presentations

Jobs' presentation skills are legendary; indeed, we scheduled a post referencing this morning just before news of his resignation emerged. You can look to jobs for general presentation strategies as well as what to do when things go awry.

How to organise your home office

It's tempting to image Jobs' home office looks like an Apple store, but in fact it's rather more personalised than that, as you can see in a 2004 photo shoot. We imagine there's an iPad in evidence these days.

You can't please everyone

One of the defining strategies used by Apple in general, and epitomised by Jobs, is to push ahead with a given strategy even if it's unpopular. Consider its ongoing refusal to support Flash. Or a trivial but illustrative case: a common complaint about iTunes is that every time there's a minor update, you have to download the entire package again. Jobs' response? "It's about the size of one downloaded album. Not so big." That attitude has remained in place (witness the recent download-only update to Mac OS X Lion); bad news if you still have dial-up, but pretty much consistent.

Obviously, Apple can't ignore everything consumers say (demonstrated by the belated release of a USB version of Lion, for instance). But single-mindedly sticking to one idea despite criticism has worked out spectacularly well for Apple.

Picture by Diana Walker/The Bigger Picture Gallery]


    OK I get it, Steve Jobs has retired! FFS!

    so in summary, build hype, have a messy office, and don't listen to what your customers want.

    His resignation has been expected for a long time, so its no big deal. Nothing much will change.

    Its not as if he had died, he has just moved from one job to another, that's all.

    Get over it, people, its not the end of the world.

    I don't think its the end of the world just the end of an era, and we know that if he's resigned he's very very sick. And thats very sad....I'm sad for his family not for Apple

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