RIP Steve Jobs


    RIP dude.

    So - who will submit the application to make him saint?

    My condolences and well wishes to his family. Rest in peace.

    Extremely sad news....

    I can't help but wonder if Tim Cook and the rest of the people at Apple event yesterday knew that Steve was so close.... Or, worse still, do we know when he actually passed? The guys didn't know this news already while doing the presentation?

    I wonder if he reached out to his biological father in the end

    RIP Jobsy

    Check out

    There is already a memorial page!

    I was watching the keynote just before the story broke. There was an empty chair marked "Reserved" front and centre of the auditorium in several crowd shots.

    I'm sure it was reserved for Steve.

    Sad news :(

    No secret that I had little time for the guy, and I am surprised at this news, but he was a man to be reckoned with and I will doff my hat to his prodigious abilities!

    The Apple Australia page has not been updated yet

      Probably because they haven't got back from the courthouse yet.

    A Wonderful life!
    May he rest in peace, and my heartfelt feelings of sympathy to his family and friends.

    RIP condolences to his family. A true legend, thank you for all you've given us.

    RIP Steve,

    Your products have changed the way we see and interact with technology.

    You may be gone but you wont be forgotton.

    PS... at least Lifehacker isnt full of trolls like Gizmodo is at the moment.

      Just couldn't celebrate Jobs life without a smartarse remark could you.

    A Great Innovator and an even greater legacy...RIP.

    Sad day. Part of his business genius is that even though the world identifies Apple and Steve Jobs as the same thing. Reality is that the POWERFUL culture and ethos Steve Jobs created within Apple, will see it continue on and grow successfully for a long time to come even though he is gone.

    Thanks for everything you've given us Steve... RIP.

    I remember the awe I felt playing with Macs in the 80s. It was just fun. Now I see friends curling up with their iPads. It's still fun.
    I learned of Steve's passing on my iPhone this evening.
    Prometheus brought fire to man. Steve brought awe & joy to our everyday lives.

    You've shown so many just what is possible. That's such a great gift.


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