How Many New IT Jobs In Australia In The Last Year?

How Many New IT Jobs In Australia In The Last Year?

It’s hard to get a handle on just how many people work in technology. However, dissection of figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) by CommSec suggests that tech is still a promising growth area.

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As Business Insider reports, CommSec chief economist Craig James parsed ABS employment data to identify where new jobs had emerged in the last year. By his estimate, 18,000 jobs in "computer system design and related services" were created in the year to August 2014.

That wasn't the top-ranking field ("social assistance services" took that prize with 45,000 jobs), but it still suggests IT remains a decent area for employment, especially if you pick a high-paying area.

Here's Where All The Jobs Are In Australia [Business Insider]


    • Dont get you’re hopes up. I work in a large company that specialises in IT among other things……all i see is outsourcing.

      Honestly, if you want job security you should work for the defense department.

  • Agree with previous posters. What’s the point of new IT jobs If they all get outsourced or go to 447 visa holders who spend 10 weeks going thru a training course and are now experts , haha.
    Seriously we are depriving our own STEM students of even getting a foot in the door, and for what? So that scumbag CEO’s can get their quarterly bonuses?

  • why do the comments never reflect what these articles say?
    The last thing I heard was about a glut of lawyers and IT staff. If someone Is saying they need to offshore or import expertise, it’s a lie, unless the driver is cost of labour.

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