Use Humble Bundle Music As A Work Soundtrack

Choosing the right music can make your day productive. Reader 66biscuits points out a source you may not have considered: music that comes with Humble Bundle game packages.

66 biscuits explains:

I got onto the idea of specific music to aid productivity and concentration from your MusicForProgramming() article last year. I have been eagerly downloading and using each new mixtape as they were released since then. However, this only adds up to around 20 hours of music and it got a little repetitive, so I went looking for more.

I discovered that video game soundtracks are ideal. They nearly always feature some similar qualities as the MFP sets; namely ambient sound, reverbs, no vocals, textures, noise; all of the stuff that simply holds a place in your head without taking it to diversion. They can be more intense and energising, which I find beneficial to my coding.

So where does one get video game soundtracks from? After checking out my Humble Bundle purchases, I found I already had many in my ownership. Most bundles from Humble Bundle come with some or all soundtracks for the games in the bundle, so there's anything from one or two to 10 full soundtracks per bundle. Obviously not all of them are suitable for focus, but hey, it's potentially a cheap way to own DRM-free tracks and increase variety in your music for focus collection.

Nice tip, and yet another reason to support the humble bundle concept. Thanks 66biscuits!


    Been using game soundtrack like this for a while. Favourites include - The Witcher, Age of Conan, & the Final Fantasy soundtracks. Though the FF ones I've had to remove a few tracks that are not conducive to getting work done.

      I still like to play the FF battle complete music after I run a full test suite and everything passes! ;)

    Love it - the hallelujah it worked music telling you that everything is going to be ok. Personally I had it as a ringtone for years - then Advent Children came out and I had to take it off.

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