Rackspace Offering Dedicated vCenter Servers

One reason companies resist moving into cloud or hosted environments is not being able to tightly control the install environment. Rackspace's new Dedicated VMware vCenter Server allows businesses to set up a single-tenant vCenter installation that can be controlled with your existing management tools and potentially integrated with other on-premises servers.

The option will be offered through Rackspace's Sydney data centre, though pricing details haven't yet been finalised. It adds to Rackspace's existing option for VMware installations managed by the Rackspace team. In June, Rackspace launched a hybrid cloud option in the Sydney centre.



    An *American* hosting company who by their own law must provide access to your businesses data should the American government wish to look.

    Please seek out a non-American company instead! Protect your companies precious trade secrets, ensure your customer's privacy from foreign powers and work to raise trust in your own brand by not outsourcing your data needs to the NSA.

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